Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I Have Realized (or Admitted to Myself)

Hellooooo Readers!

Happy Monday! You will be pleased to know I have absolutely nothing exciting to report from this weekend since I spent it recovering and rehearsing. So, a Monday post after a weekend of reflection. Enjoy!

-Ask and You Shall Receive

This guy I know, Jesus, said this about 2000 years ago. Fortunately I have finally joined the party train. People are not crystal balls. In fact, we are all so self-centered that when things don't go our way we tend to blame someone else for being out to intentionally piss us off. This is, however, not the case. I realize that if I want something, all I have to do is ask. I don't have to jump through hoops (or offer to do so), I don't have to will it to happen, I don't have to manipulate (well, at least in most cases), all I do is ask. No one knows what you want until you ask for it.

-Everyone Has A Story

It is so easy to get mad at the person driving too slowly in front of you, or to silently curse out the person in the express line at Whole Foods with 16 instead of 15 items (roar). But I have recently realized that those people are trying to get somewhere too. We are all trying to do what we can to get through the line at the grocery store. The person going slowly is NOT trying to make you upset (in theory, even though this always happens when you're running late), they are probably looking for a house they cannot find so they can pick up a child, or meet with someone really important. We have no concept of what other people go through. Therefore, I attempt to spend my time trying to spread patience and calmness regardless of the situation. Does this cause heartache when someone actually is blatantly trying to be a poopface? Oooooohhhhhh yes. And we must not forget that in our efforts to remember people's stories, frustration and flat-out anger are allowed to felt, vented, and experienced. But, ultimately, that poopface has a story too. And sometimes we are the poopfaces! What are ya gonna do?

-I Need to (Consistently) Give Up Cheese

I am a vegan in progress. It's hard to give up cheese! But I have definitely noticed a difference in my physique. Now if only I could remember that when a beautiful pizza comes my way.

-Running is Amazing.

And the most painful. But I have to say that every time I run at the gym (at least a mile a day), I break a super sweat, I feel my muscles come alive, and I can actually track my progress through endurance, speed, and soreness level. It is so rewarding to run outside and not be almost throwing up after a winter on the elliptical, even if I haven't been able to walk without agony in weeks.

-It's Ok to Be A Work in Progress

In life, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and growth. It is perfectly natural to grow and learn as life comes at you, as long as you strive to be the better for it.

-It's Ok To Skip A Workout and Go to Happy Hour Instead

You can work off a drink and some apps, but you can't replace the value of a good conversation with good company. Although if you're like me and bear midriff, it doesn't hurt to do a superset of abs before you go.

-It's Ok to Be Bummed Sometimes

I try and keep a positive outlook but sometimes I just need to shake my fists and the sky and go "Whyyyyyyyyy!!??" I just try to experience those feelings while keeping the positive things close to my heart and my energy (aka I spoon with my cats).

-The Alcohol in Wine Kills Germs

When I am sick I drink water and wine. It was good enough for my aforementioned homie Jesus, it's good enough for me. And I swear it gets me better faster. What it does for my blogging, well you'll have to tell me.

-What Wine Doesn't Cure, Coconut Water Will

My roommate got me onto coconut water and I am not even kidding you when I say it cures EVERYTHING from hangovers to sore muscles. It has a lot of potassium and many other nutrients. The taste definitely takes some getting used to, but it is worth it for sure.

-No Matter How Old I Am, I Still Need My Parents

My mom is still the first person I call about everything. My dad is still the best and tallest man on earth (keep your Electra comments to yourselves haters). And, like this past weekend, I was sick and all I wanted was my mom to take care of me and my dad to make me cream of wheat. They say you can't go home again, but I know I always can (even though my parents are legit crazy).

-Mondays Are Mean

Hey, I said things I realize not epic epiphany. Obviously I have known this fact for a loooooong time. Good luck with the weekly grind people. Keep fighting the good fight!

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